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Together we will build a sustainable future

Planet Loves Trees was founded to enable change in the corporate world. We believe that companies today want to act sustainably and with responsibility, but finding the right solutions for it might be challenging. Therefor, we created a consultation service and certification process to support the change. We provide a personal contact to an expert in sustainability and connect you with environmental projects to offset carbon and help communities suffering from climate change. Together we will strengthen your company‚Äôs environmental profile by supporting your intentions and providing a roadmap for the optimal environmental development. 

The environmental projects of Planet Loves Trees in Tanzania, focus on increasing natural carbon sinks through tree planting in cooperation with local schools, farmers and organisations. Our projects do not only fix carbon but support several of the UN sustainable development goals.

Take a look at our successful partnering projects and learn more about our certified customers. Start your environmental friendly journey today!

Planet Loves Trees school projects in Arusha, Tanzania

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Our projects are carefully chosen to effectively sequester carbon, empower local communities and strengthen biodiversity.

This is how we work.

First we meet in person and do an inventory of all environmental issues and the measures already taken in the company. You get a personal contact from Planet Loves Trees.
We calculate your emissions, carbon and environmental footprint and evaluate where we can make smarter environmental choices. We propose a plan for environmental friendly steps. 
We do a checklist and roadmap for the company in order to get certified. We agree on a plan and follow ups. Potential offsetting in tree planting projects give updates directly from chosen projects.

Our Certified Customers

These are the companies that have made environmental planning and cooperation with us and received the Climate Smart certificate. We highly recommend these companies that have made a strong commitment to sustainable development.

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