New tree-planting projects, Covid-19 and the fall 2020

During the spring 2020 we continued the cooperation with Habari Maalum College (HMC) and started a new pilot project on tree planting with local schools. We have also planned new projects for the fall and upcoming planting season 2020. 

Covid-19, Planet Loves Trees and Tanzania

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic climate and environmental concerns almost disappeared from the public discussion and media. This has been an opportunity for Planet Loves Trees to take time to develop our website and work on future projects. 

Covid-19 is hitting the African continent hard, and many countries are struggling with direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic. Fortunately, our cooperation partners work in rural areas that have been somewhat safe from the virus and they have managed to carry on with their work as before. 

Spring and fall season plantings

During the spring we conducted a pilot planting project with our partner HMC in the nearby region of Arushal. We financed a tree-planting project for Mringa Secondary School that on one hand offsets carbon in trees, but also contributes to a greener and better local environment for the school. Our partner HMC carried out the project together with local authorities. The pilot worked out very well and we are now planning to continue with tree planting around schools in Arusha to make the region green again. 

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