The Perfect Carbon Neutral Christmas Gift

Thinking about what to give for Christmas? The perfect carbon neutral christmas gift for someone who has everything he needs? Carbon offsets – the Perfect Christmas Gift! When you buy offsetting with us, you will do good for the climate and the people in our projects. Take a look at our Christmas gifts and check out our projects on the site. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Anyone can compensate their necessary daily emissions with us . We connect you with reliable carbon offset projects to compensate for your emissions and make the planet greener. Planet Loves Trees provides ready-made products and packages to compensate for your flights, car driving or household emissions.

Our projects that supports carbon offset – the perfect Christmas Gift

Our projects are carefully chosen together with local cooperators in Tanzania to effectively sequester carbon, empower local communities and strengthen biodiversity. Trees and forests are great ways to offset carbon.

Deforestation and loss of forest land are contributors to Climate Change. When we work to restore forests and planting trees, we can reduce the stress on the climate. Forest loss is also a huge problem for biodiversity. Forests are so much more than carbon sinks – they provide shelter for a myriad of spieces, they are ecologically important for the planet. Thats why carbon offsets is the perfect Christmas gift.

Protecting forests and implementing sustainability thinking globally in forest management is critical for the future of our planet.

Have a look at the global map of forests

But forests are also important for people. Forest provides microclimate suitable for farming. Forests prevents droughts, helps with water management and prevents soil erosion. Trees and forests also provides income and local economy, if managed properly and sustainably. Fruit trees such as the Mango below, gives fruit for families and binds carbon for many years. In some of our projects we plant fruit trees with small scale family farmers.

mango tree - carbon offsets - the perfect Christmas Gift
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