Carbon offset tree planting

The Planet Loves Trees team recommends carbon offset with tree planting for everyone that wants to reduce their carbon footprint. The environmental projects of Planet Loves Trees in Tanzania, focus on increasing natural carbon sinks through tree planting in cooperation with schools, local farmers and organisations. Our projects does not only fix carbon but support several of the UN sustainable development goals.

Why is planting trees a good way to do carbon offsetting?

Trees and forests are natural climate machines that absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Trees are natural lungs for the Planet and that is why our Planet Loves Trees. When trees grow, they bind carbon in biomass, storing carbon in the trees trunk, branches and root system. About half of the the treeĀ“s biomass is pure carbon.

Deforestation and loss of forest land are contributors to Climate Change as well. When we work to restore forests and planting trees, we can reduce the stress on the climate. Forest loss is also a huge problem for biodiversity. Forests are so much more than carbon sinks – they provide shelter for a myriad of spieces, they are ecologically important for the planet.

Protecting forests and implementing sustainability thinking globally in forest management is critical for the future of our planet.

Have a look at the global map of forests

But forests are also important for people. Forest provides microclimate suitable for farming. Forests prevents droughts, helps with water management and prevents soil erosion. Trees and forests also provides income and local economy, if managed properly and sustainably.

That is why it is a good idea to offset carbon with tree planting.

Offset carbon with tree planting with us

You can start offsetting today by choosing one of our products. When offsetting with us, you will recieve updates from our projects regularly. Welcome to the team!

Our projects

Planting trees in Mringa to carbon offset with tree planting

Our projects are carefully chosen to effectively sequester carbon, empower local communities and strengthen biodiversity.

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