Carbon offset for flights

With Planet Loves Trees it is easy to offset carbon for flights or your flight. We have made this easy for you by calculating the average carbon emission for a domestic, continental or intercontinental flight, round-trip per person. Just click and check-out – you will then receive a certificate by email for your offsets!

Carbon offset for flights with Planet Loves Trees

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Excessive greenhouse gases from human activities are causing global warming and climate change by blocking heat from escaping the Earth. Forest degradation contributes to around 20 % of the global carbon emissions.

We founded Planet Loves Trees to provide a system and cooperation network for easy participation in climate action. Planet Loves Trees currently has several tree planting and forest restoration projects around the world.

For carbon offsetting we cooperate with Compensate for offsetting in projects with the highest standard, exceeding the international Gold Standard and Verra.

Read more about Gold Standard here

Aviation and flights stands for approximately 2,5 % of the greenhouse emissions . When you want to reduce your climate impact, there is a lot you can do. First, we recommend a climate smart lifestyle and making climate smart choices. There are a lot of resources to read about about climate smart alternative to flying. We recommend reading and studying how to live a climate smart lifestyle and we also provide som tips on our website to this.

Carbon offsetting flights is the last but good choice to make. Our own projects where we plant trees are carefully handpicked, small-scale projects. We have a long history of cooperation together with our partners. Read more about our projects here. The actual verified carbon offset takes place in projects managed by Compensate and holds the highest of standards.

Planet Loves Trees works on carbon sinks

According to the international scientific community we need to phase out the use of fossil fuels AND enhance the natural carbon sinks by in order to keep global warming well below 2 degrees celsius. Forest conservation and reforestation are the most effective means to increase the natural carbon sinks. Forests prevents desertification and the loss of biodiversity. Trees create humidity and improve the local climate leading to increased agricultural yields. Forest protection in tropical areas improves the living conditions of communities in areas most vulnerable to climate change.

We believe that proactive actions of individuals and companies can drive the needed change to save the planet for future generations. These environmental actions have a positive, direct impact on the climate. They also show decision makers that the society is ready for the required transformation.

carbon offset for flights tree planting sitee
Planting trees in Africa

Join us today to change the future of our planet! 

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