About us

Planet Loves Trees is a small size startup company based in Finland that is looking to grow with international partners and networks. 

Our vision and dream

To build a future where climate change is reversed and the planet is greened with the help from small businesses and local people cooperating. 

Our mission

To provide hope and change to a world challenged by climate change and endangered by pollution and environmental disasters caused by human activities. 

We believe that in order to take action to change the world, we need to work with companies of all sizes that want to take responsibility and help saving the planet for our children and future generations. While we have found politics to be too slow, we wanted to find other ways to work with environmental and climate change problems. We believe that planting trees and restoring forests will help reversing climate change. On top of that trees and forests do so much more. They improve the local environment and climate. Forestation projects provide work for local communities. When the environment is strengthen by forests, humidity is created, therefor trees also help with water management. Trees prevent soil erosion and the better local climate will even help farmers increase their crops. Last but not least, biodiversity is strengthened and preserved by trees and forests!

That is why we founded Planet Loves Trees. We wanted to build a system and cooperation network that can change the world. And we wanted to show our children and families that it is possible. We currently have 500 000 trees waiting to be planted in Arusha, Tanzania. Join us today to change the future of our planet! 

The founders and owners of planet loves trees

Niklas Andersson
Master of Natural Resources

“Many people, both young and old are concerned about the environment, climate change and the future of our planet.  I wanted to make a difference and to show to my children that I am trying to make a better future for them. This is why I started Planet Loves Trees.” 

Niklas is an experienced consultant and project manager with a history of working in the university and education management sector as well as in the government. As the former Head of Department at Novia University’s department of Natural Resources and the Environment he has a comprehensive understanding about forestry and forestation management. Niklas has also worked as a volunteer for several development aid projects. In his opinion we are running out or time and cannot wait for politics to mitigate climate change with regulatory measures.

Nina Gestrin
Master of Arts in Standardization,
Social Regulation and Sustainable Development

Our future holds many challenges. I believe that the most threatening of them is climate change and its consequences.

Nina has a background in the security sector and has worked with complex international culture-related challenges for many years before changing course in to the sustainable development sector. She has recently returned to Finland after completing a Master programme in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development at the University of Geneva. Now she is working on her Master Thesis related to climate strategies and carbon compensation alternatives. Her goal is to create awareness about climate change in order to enable the needed societal transformations while supporting reforestation projects and strengthening local communities in areas most vulnerable to climate change.

Hannah Strandberg
Master of Arts in Standardization,
Social Regulation and Sustainable Development

Hannah’s educational background is in International Business Management and she has recently completed a Master programme in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development at the University of Geneva. Prior to joining Planet Loves Trees, she worked as a consultant in an international business environment. 

Her passion to contribute towards environmental sustainability and protecting the world’s forest reserves inspired her to join the mission of Planet Loves Trees. Her goal is to help businesses and organizations to reduce their emissions and contribute to protecting the planet’s natural resources. 

The company that ownes the trade mark Planet Loves Trees is registered in Finland and called Aritzon Oy Ltd. Our business number in Finland is 3085239-4. Would you have any questions regarding our business or cooperation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are currently working with a tree planting project in Africa. The reason why we chose to start with the project in Tanzania is that we due to previous development aid projects already had an existing network of people on this site, In the future we want to partner with well established off setting partners located around the globe, with the best available offsetting methods and impact focus to ensure our clients reliable and cost effective offsetting and to improve the living conditions on a local level. Thank you for your support for reading this far!