`Climate Smart` Certified Customers

On this page you find information about companies that have worked with us to make Climate Smart plans for reducing emissions and offset emissions. These companies have the right to use the Planet Loves Trees Climate Smart certificate in their communications, marketing materials and product labelling.

PLT certificate badge

Pihla Group

Pihla Group is the largest producer and leading brand of high-quality windows and doors in Finland. Planet Loves Trees helped them to develop a calculator which enables the customer to calculate the emission reduction benefits of a window renovation. Pihla windows are manufactured in Ruovesi, Finland and come with a 25 year warranty. Improved isolation from renewing windows generates significant CO2 emission reductions, energy and cost savings. Every new window is a climate smart act especially in the cold Nordic region.

Check out the calculator here (page in finnish):


VRK, Vaasan Rakennuskorjaus – Vasa Byggnadsreparation AB

Vasa Byggnadsreparation is a company in the construction industry with over 30 employees. They have committed to participate in mitigating climate change by compensating for their transport emissions. VRK supports our tree planting projects in Arusha, Tanzania.



Vestiarium is a Finnish sustainable womenswear brand offering “slow fashion for speedy women” – timeless, yet modern fashion for women who lead busy lives. The design aesthetic is minimalistic, with interesting details, cuts and surfaces. 

Vestiarium manufactures everything nearby in Finland and Estonia, in small family-run factories to promote ethical and sustainable production. They use as environmentally friendly and high quality materials as possible: natural fibres, organic cotton, lyocell (tencel), and recycled materials. 

With the help of our emission reduction plan and carbon offset Vestiarium has been 100% carbon neutral since 2019.


Niin Mua

Niin Mua  is a second hand and vintage clothes store with both online and traditional shop in Porvoo. Niin Mua values circular economy and sustainable development.

Niin Mua has successfully integrated green values in the core of its business. Planet Loves Trees work with them to assess the carbon footprint of the store to complete the climate smart approach.


Simgo Oy

Tammisaari based Simgo is a company specialised in office solutions. Together we are planning carbon offsetting as a method for a climate smart business.


Anders Jorulf Photography AB

Anders Jorulf & Fotoadventures arrange photography trips and safaris around the world.

Fotoadventures is seeking to offset the flight emissions of their customers. We are especially looking forward to cooperate with Anders on the trips to Arusha and Tanzania, the location of some of our forestation and greening projects.