CO2 Compensation

Start compensating today!

Compensating for your CO2 emissions is easy with us. When you buy an offset plan with us, we plant trees in our projects to offset your CO2. Trees and forests are the best carbon sinks for a number of reasons. Trees naturally bind CO2 in the wood while growing and releasing oxygen back to the atmosphere for us and nature to breath. It is nature’s own system created to balance the carbon on the planet. Since we know how much CO2 wood can bind, we are able to calculate the compensation quite accurately. We only choose projects where we can assure continuous compensation, therefore you can be sure that your trees are managed sustainably when subscribing with us. As a monthly customer we report to you regularly, on how the trees grow and what is going on in the project. 

Start compensating today by choosing some of these options! 

If you wish to compensate for a specific amount of CO2, you can use one of the free calculators online to assess your carbon footprint. You can mail us here to ask about how to compensate for you carbon footprint. If you are working in a company and wish to compensate for your company’s carbon footprint, give us a buzz here and read about our Planet Loves Trees Certification Plan. 

Our current tree planting project is located in Arusha, Tanzania. We are starting the business with our reliable and long time partner in Arusha and later planning to expand in other areas. Since we are experts in Sustainable Development and Natural Resources Management, we are doing on site monitoring and looking after your CO2-investment. We will report to you regularly, at this point by email but very soon through the web-based platform that we are building. Thank you for taking part in the actions to reverse climate change! It is not too late to act. 

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