Earth Day

Earth Day is the day for the planet that is celebrated every 22th of April. The aim of this day is to put focus on the future for our planet Earth. For what could be more important than our environment, the soil we stand on or the air that we breath? We invite you to be a part of the movement and plant trees with us to celebrate this day of our Planet Earth.

Earth day is the perfect day for tree planting campaigns.

This is the perfect day for planting trees for the planet! You can be the change. Everyone can plant with us and stay connected. Our newsletter will provide you regular updates from the projects.

Tree planting campaigns with companies on earth day. Picture from Mount Meru in Arusha, Tanzania.

We also do tree planting campaigns for companies, staff challenges or one-tree-per-product type of campaigns. You can plant directly with us here, if you want to challenge your company, clients or co-workers, please contact us for an individual campaign plan! You can check out an example of a campaign here.

Plant a tree and stay connected

Anniversary gift

The Planet Loves Trees. When planting trees in our projects, you will not only make a one-time-effort for the environment. If you sign up on our mailing list, you will receive regular updates from the planting project.


Our projects are mostly small-scaled environmental projects where we plant around schools, on private land and with small scale family farmers. We are currently planting in Tanzania, Burundi and have a cooperation with World Vision in Ethiopia.

When you plant, you will receives a certificate of the tree planted. Tree planting is an effective way to make both macro and microclimate better, impact biodiversity and in a larger scale, help agains desertification. We are committed to support the UN sustainable development goals in the projects.

Project video

A short video from one of our tree planting projects

Earth Day history in brief

The day was founded in USA in 1969 and the date to celebrate was chosen to maximise the participation of young american students. In 1969, 22th of April was the day between springbreak and final exams. It is estimated that over 20 million of Americans took part in the first Day to protest against pollution and for a cleaner planet. The event later lead to establishing the first United States Environmental Protection Agency and a number of environmental laws.

The Day goes global in 1990

In the nineties, the Day became a global movement, engageing 100 of millions of people in over 100 countries for enviromental issues. The movement had a role in the making of the United Nations Earth Summit Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Today, the day continues to engage billions of people every year. Now the question of combating Climate Change has risen as a major concern for the world.

This 7 minute film will give you more insight in both the history and the day of the Earth today.

Plant a tree and Celebrate Earth Day with Planet Loves Trees

Q & A

When is earth day?

The Day is celebrated 22th of April every year.

What day is earth day?

The Day is celebrated 22th of April every year.

When was the first earth day?

The first Day was 22th of April 1969, between Spring Break and final exams.

How to celebrate earth day?

To participate in an event, share information about environmental issues, or take action by planting trees with Planet Loves Trees.

What to do on earth day?

On the day you can participate by planting trees with us or challenges your friends or workplace to plant trees with Planet Loves Trees.

Who founded earth day?

Senator Gaylord Nelson was the driving force in establishing the first Day in 1969.

Why is earth day important?

All days that are helping us understand why our planet is needs sustainability thinking are important. The day engages billions of people all over the planet.

What is the theme of earth day 2022?

The main theme of the Day 2022 has not yet been announced.

What is earth overshoot day?

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. It is an important but different day than earth day. Read more about overshoot day here.

What month is earth day?

In April every year.

What can you and your company do on earth day?

It is a perfect day for making a campaign for the planet. We can make this campaign effective together. You can have a look at the campaign we did with Kambi as an example. Please contact us for more information and to set up a tree planting campaign.

Earth Day campaign reference

Kambi Earth Day campaign logo.

In 2021, we did a challenge campaign with Kambi, a global technology company. The Challenge was tree planting for the Day. Kambi challenged all their employees to plant trees with Planet Loves Trees. Kambi’s company promise was to then plant as many trees that the employees planted all together, doubling up the amount. Most of the team joined the challenge and Kambi doubled the amount of trees by the end of the campaign.

We made a separate company page with tailor-made products, where the employees could pay for their trees. The company batch then was invoiced. And all trees were planted (Avocados) in our Fruittrees for farmers – project in Nyamahanga, Tanzania!

Let´s set up a project for your company! Leave a message and we will get back to you soon!

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