Climate Smart Certification

Planet Loves Trees climate smart certification badge.

Climate Smart Certificate for your business

Companies and organisations that work with us to reduce and compensate emissions, receive the Planet Loves Trees Climate Smart certificate. This Climate Smart Certification illustrates their commitment to make environmental and climate smart choices and reduce carbon emissions. We promote our Climate Smart customers on our website.

The certification package includes a personal consultation session, tailor-made emissions reduction plan and an opportunity to offset the remaining emissions through carefully selected forestry projects. Our aim is to enable a close link between the customers and the offset projects. We create progress reports from the sites with relevant information for the needs of our customers.

Small companies with a staff of 1-2 persons can apply for the plan to a price of 199 € per year (VAT 0%). This includes a 1,5 hour personal consultation session, calculations and plan, advising and help to fulfill the plan. For mid-sized companies, with more data, the annual fee is 699 € (VAT 0%). This includes a additional half day personal workshop on goals and additional update and re-validation during the year. For larger companies with more measurements and data that will be processed for compensation, please contact us for a specific plan for your company.

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Requierements for the Climate Smart Certificate

Climate smart certification badge

Climate smart plan done

Climate smart plan’s boxes checked within 6 months (re-check) 

Committed to make climate smart choices when purchasing materials and services

Offsetting in selected climate smart project

Annual re-evaluation

Possible for company, product and service

Planting trees for climate smart certification.

Certification process

  1. We meet and workshop
  2. We calculate your carbon footprint and create a plan on how to reduce emissions
  3. We agree on the extent of your offsetting and connect you with the project of your choice
  4. Together we will follow up the plan we make
  5. You will receive updates about the progress of your project
  6. Planet Loves Trees grants you the Climate Smart certificate
  7. We re-evaluate the certificate annually

Seeking for Test Clients

We are currently seeking sustainability oriented businesses and organisations as test clients to make emissions reduction and offset plans and further develop our services in cooperation. Please contact us for initial consultation and to find out more.

Our Certified Clients

These are the companies that have made emission reduction plans, offset emissions and received the Climate Smart certificate. We warmly recommend these companies that have made a strong commitment to sustainable development.

Contact us for more information and advise on climate smart certification!

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