Climate certificate for businesses

the certificate badge for our clients

The climate smart certificate plan for businesses

We are currently seeking business owners as test clients to make climate smart plans and businesses that are interested in CO2 compensation. We have a ready certificate for your business to use in your marketing. We can for example, compensate for all the driving and flight travel in your company by calculating the amount of trees that should be planted and then execute the actual planting in our forestation project in Arusha, Tanzania. We can also consult with calculations and climate smart plans.

Companies working with us get the Planet Loves Trees certificate. This certificate can be used in your marketing and we will also promote the Climate Smart Businesses that uses our certificate on our website.

There are some ready-to-use compensation packages on the web-shop and you can also buy a one-time compensation package. Buying one-time compensation does not give you the right to use the Climate Smart Certificate, that you will have access to when buying the company certificate plan.

When buying the company certificate package, you will get a business-specific discount code to use in the webshop when you compensate. The discount code reduces the price in the shop’s one-time compensation packages to match only the cost for tree planting.

For medium size companies the monthly fee is 59,99. The price for larger companies depends on the amount of data that needs to be processed. Right now we seek test-clients to give us feedback on the process and service! We want to develop and evolve in cooperation with you. Please sign up here to start compensating with us!

We can also provide a specific tailored plan for your business. This is how it works:

  1. We meet and agree on what to compensate for
  2. We agree on the process of data collection on for example flights or driving kilometers
  3. We calculate your compensation and make specific products to meet your need
  4. We plant the trees for you
  5. We monitor and report the project for 14,99/month (small business package) 
  6. Your business can use the Planet Loves Trees climate smart certificate
  7. We continue the compensation plan for your business

For larger companies with more flights, measurements and data that will be processed for compensation, we ask you to contact us for a specific plan for your business.