Fruit Trees, Biharamulo

The Biharamulo region suffers from deforestation and desertification which is caused by climate change, inappropriate agricultural methods and other human activities. Together with our partner Huduma ya Mtoto, we are planting trees to positively affect the microclimate, improve agriculture and provide shades for the local community.


Project Facts

Project status:
Ongoing project started in 2020

PLT in partnership with Huduma ya Mtoto

Type of project:
Tree planting

Private property of local farmers in Lusahunga – Biharamulo

Tree species:
Avocado tree (Persea americana)

How we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Improve the school environment for staff and students
  • Increase awareness of climate change for staff and students

  • Create shades and shelter for the residents
  • Transform urban spaces by increasing green areas
  • Improve air quality
  • Efficiently increase natural carbon sinks at scale 

  • Contribute to climate change adaptation and protect biodiversity 
  • Improve local microclimate
  • Improve land productivity 
  • Build a mutually beneficial and inclusive partnership between companies and local community
  • Mobilize private resources to deliver sustainable development goals

Project Details

Tanzania is one of the most naturally diverse regions on the African continent: home to 1121 endangered and vulnerable species. Climate change increases the frequency of extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and disruptions of natural water cycles, leading to declining yields and spreading infectious diseases. Tanzania’s rapidly growing population is highly dependent on the region’s natural resources and forests. Many households cut down forests for firewood, putting pressure on forests. In addition, forests are cut down for illegal exports. 

Since 2020 Planet Loves Trees has cooperated with Huduma ya Mtoto (eng. Child Care). Huduma ya Mtoto are registered parent groups located in Biharamulo district, Kagera region in Tanzania. The groups want to improve their local environment, in this case by planting fruit and timber trees and preserve natural forests on their own properties. The groups also want to improve the livelihood of the member families for financial sustainability and to teach the children to plant and tend trees and forests. 

Tree Planting Sites

The pilot project of planting 606 avocado trees on the lands of the Huduma ya Mtoto group members. The result of the cooperation are sustainably growing trees which can be followed up on when needed. The group members are mostly local small farmers who have planted five trees each close to their houses. The planting will open up great opportunities for the farmers in generating income for their families by selling fruits. The farmers are working together with environmental experts such as Jali Mazingira Project to conserve plants safe for best possible outcome.

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