Greening Arusha

The Arusha region suffers from deforestation and desertification which is caused by climate change, inappropriate agricultural methods and other human activities. Together with our partner Habari Maalum College, we are planting trees to positively affect the microclimate, improve agriculture and provide shades for the local community.

Project Facts

Project status:
Ongoing project started in 2019

PLT in partnership with Habari Maalum College

Type of project:
Tree planting

Private property of Habari Maalum College + communal property in Arusha region

Tree species:
Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius and other local species suitable for reforesting

How we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Improve the school environment for staff and students
  • Increase awareness of climate change for staff and students

  • Create shades and shelter for the residents
  • Transform urban spaces by increasing green areas
  • Improve air quality
  • Efficiently increase natural carbon sinks at scale 

  • Contribute to climate change adaptation and protect biodiversity 
  • Improve local microclimate
  • Improve land productivity 
  • Build a mutually beneficial and inclusive partnership between companies and local community
  • Mobilize private resources to deliver sustainable development goals

Project Details

Tanzania is one of the most naturally diverse regions on the African continent: home to 1121 endangered and vulnerable species. Climate change increases the frequency of extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and disruptions of natural water cycles, leading to declining yields and spreading infectious diseases. Tanzania’s rapidly growing population is highly dependent on the region’s natural resources and forests. Many households cut down forests for firewood, putting pressure on forests. In addition, forests are cut down for illegal exports.

Since 2014 Planet Loves Trees has cooperated with Habari Maalum College, a leadership and media college established in 1998 by International Broadcasting Association (IBRA) Media. The College, currently operated by the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania, has a long history of development cooperation financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finlands svenska Pingstmission (FSPM). The objective of the Habari Maalum College is to educate current and next generation leaders as well as free-thinking media professionals to facilitate ethical and just social transformation in the country.

Tree Planting Sites

The pilot project of planting 200 trees on the Imbibia site started in 2019. Another planting on 200 trees was conducted at the Mringa secondary school. As the trees flourish the success of our project motivated several schools in Arusha to join the initiative. For the upcoming planting season in autumn 2020, the project is expanding to plant 1350 more trees with eight elementary schools. Given planting more trees in the region is also an objective of the government, Habari Maalum College works closely with the environment department of Arusha district, which helps maintain and protect the sites.

Pictures from Imbibia Planting Site

Pictures from Mringa school

Why is this Important? Trees as Natural Climate Solutions

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