Greening Arusha

The Arusha region suffers from deforestation and desertification which is caused by climate change, inappropriate agricultural methods and human activities. Together with our partner Habari Maalum, we are running environmental projects to make Arusha Green again. Planting trees has a positive impact on both microclimate and agriculture as well as providing shadow for people and strengthens biodiversity.

Project facts

Project status:
Ongoing project started in 2019

PLT in partnership with Habari Maalum College

Type of project:
Tree planting

Private property of Habari Maalum + communal property of Arusha

Tree species:
Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius, local species good for reforestation


The project is supporting the following SDG:s


Tanzania is one of the most naturally diverse regions on the African continent (home to x amount of .. endangered species). Climate change is causing increased extreme weather conditions (i.e. droughts and floods, changes in natural rain cycles), leading to declining yields and spread of infectious diseases. In addition, Tanzania’s rapidly growing population is highly dependent on the region’s natural resources and forests. Many households cut down forests for firewood for their daily needs, increasing the pressure on forests. In addition, forests are illegally felled, e.g. cultivation or for sale on the international market.

Planting trees strengthens the natural carbon sinks while creating a healthier microclimate, improved soil fertility and yields.

Habari Maalum

Planet Loves Trees has cooperated on tree planting and sustainable natural resources management initiatives with Habari Maalum College since 2014. Habari Maalum College is a leadership and media college established in 1998 by International Broadcasting Association (IBRA) Media. The College is currently operated by the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania and has a long history of development cooperation financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finlands svenska Pingstmission (FSPM). The objective of the Habari Maalum College is to educate current and next generation leaders as well as critical media professionals to facilitate ethical and morally upright societal transformation and development on the continent.

Pictures from Imbibia planting site

Pictures from elementary school