Our Certified Clients

Planet Loves Trees certificate

On this page you can find companies and businesses that cooperate with us to make climate smart plans for products, services or compensate for their business or client’s CO2. The companies on this site have made a climate smart plan and recieved the Planet Loves Trees Climate Smart Certificate. 

VRK, Vaasan Rakennuskorjaus – Vasa Byggnadsreparation AB


Vaasan Rakennuskorjaus is company in the building industry with a staff of over 30 people. Together we are making a climate smart plan to compensate for the emissions related to transport. VRK is working with us on forest planting projects in Arusha, Tanzania.



Vestiarium is a Finnish womenswear concept created in 2016 to support and celebrate purposeful women of the world.

Vestiarium manufacture everything nearby in Finland and Estonia, in small family-run factories, to promote ethical and sustainable production – and great service to speedy women. Each garment is also signed by its maker.



NiinMua is a secondhand and vintage company that sells both online and in a traditional store. NiinMua’s values are closely related to circular economy and sustainable development. We are working on assessing the carbon footprint of the company in order to enhance the sustainability in the business chain.

Simgo Oy


Simgo is specialized in office solutions and is planning business sustainability within the Planet Loves Trees climate smart plan.

Anders Jorulf Photography AB


Fotoadventures arranges photography travel packages for clients all over the world. We are especially looking forward to fotoadventure’s guests and photos from Tanzania & Arusha, where we have our forestation projects. Fotoadventures compensate for travel and supports local climate change actions in Tanzania by working with us in forestation.

Read more about how to receive the climate smart certificate!

We are currently working with several companies to establish compensation and certification plans. We will keep this page updated companies that have made the climate smart certification plan with us.