Our Projects

Treeplanting Project – Arusha, Tanzania

We are currently working together with Habari Maalum in Arusha, Tanzania, with a tree planting project. We have a long history of working with Habari Maalum on several development and environmental projects. The current tree planting project is a new way of cooperation that started in 2019. 

The tree planting project of Planet Loves Trees has started in October 2019. Right now we are selling compensation in order to finance as many trees as possible for the first joint planting season. In Arusha, the tree planting season starts in November.

The tree planting project is a part of the emissions offsetting plan, where add forests and trees to the natural carbon cycle. Trees and forest bind CO2 when they grow and by adding trees, we add more growing biomass that binds CO2.

Make Arusha Green Project

The Arusha region suffers from deforestation and desertification that is caused by climate change, agricultural methods and human activities. We want to change this and together with our partner Habari Maalum, we are running environmental projects to make Arusha Green again. Greening has a positive impact on both microclimate and agriculture as well as providing shadow for people and strengthens biodiversity.

New Projects

Info about upcoming projects!

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