Our Forestation Projects

We are currently managing a tree planting project in Arusha, Tanzania in cooperation with our partner Habari Maalum. We have a long history of working with Habari Maalum on several development and environmental projects. The current tree planting project is just a new way of cooperation that started in 2019. 

A picture from 2017 when Niklas visited an agroforestry site planted by Habari Maalum.

The tree planting project of Planet Loves Trees has started in October 2019. Right now we are selling compensation in order to finance as many trees as possible for the first joint planting season. In Arusha, the tree planting season is from November – February. The dry season, when planting is not possible due to weather conditions, lasts until November.

Plant nursery in Arusha, Tanzania.

We will update with news and maps of the planting as we go along. All our customers will receive updates and reports directly from the trees planted on our projects. They will also be informed about how much CO2 is compensated.

More trees, greener planet, less CO2.

While getting started in Arusha, we will also start working on other tree planting projects, mainly in Finland and Sweden, in this first phase of developing the concept.